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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Emerson Fall Collection is Rock, Romance and Rebel

By Kafi Drexel

If you're going to live your life in combat boots, better do it the way Jackie Fraser-Swan presented her Emerson fall 2014 runway collection. 

We clearly heart heels. And her designs can surely be worn with plenty of them. But I've never seen such an amazing parade of Dr. Martens from black and white Oxford prints, to coal-deep glitter in my life. And of course models 5'9" and above can pull off the look in cute frocks and evening gowns because of their height. Those of us under 5' 4" might run the risk of looking like Merlin (trust me, I tried this in college). The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week round-up on Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan says her collection "embodies the powerful and free-spirited woman." I get that. It's also a mix of rock, romance, and rebel. Chanel has come out with a line of combat style sneakers that you have to buy with an entire outfit. I'm not sure if Coco is doing backflips or resting peacefully over it. But if you must combine combat and couture, this is the way to attempt it. 

I'm not sure if I'll be parading around in an all-black sequin snow/astro suit anytime soon, and the use of sheer lavender in the collection was a little #teamtoomuch. But I surprisingly walked away a fan of how to pull of Doc Ms now that I'm sort of a more mature lady (My 16-year-old cousin looks awesome in her maroon Dr. Martens. It's a shame she can't wear them with her Catholic School girl uniform). I'm also a big fan of the "BREAK THE MOLD" sweater and the model wearing it. 

Fave moment of the show? Jackie Fraser-Swan doing a victory lap with her four young daughters, all-in matching outfits and highlighted green hair. 

P.S. A very pregnant Daphne Oz wore motorcycle/combat-style boots during the Red Dress fashion show. I kind of dug that, too. But Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan showed there could've been a more subtle way of doing it by designing out the shoe red or off-red and bespeckled...or even in a rose gold.

[Photo Credit: Kafi Drexel]

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