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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Erin Fetherston Makes Us Dream of Fall Already

“A charmed life awaits, we need only dress the part.” 

There’s inspiration to take away from every fashion show. That's what they’re all about, right? A place where ideas are pushed, risks are taken, and dreams become a reality. Erin Fetherstons presentation was one of the most inspiring shows for me during Fashion week. She's one of my favorite designers, so seeing her collection up close and personal was a dream come true in itself.

I was swooning over every look I saw at this presentation but there were definitely a few pieces I couldn't take my eyes off of. The rose garden print dress,the evergreen jacquard off-the-shoulder cocktail dress and the fun "charmed" sweater are all pieces I hope to add to my wardrobe next fall. 

This collection is definitely one that i’m going to run to when I need something to wear to any weddings or parties I'll be attending next fall/winter. So perfect! 

[Photo Credit: April Cossey]

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