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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here's To a Great Hair Day + Fashion Week!

Can I just preface this post with what a godsend? The ghd Wonderland Gold Professional 1-inch Styler couldn't have come at better time for me to try out, ya'll. As you know, I'm due with a baby any day now, and doing my hair is the last thing I wanna worry about. Honestly I don't worry about it much anyway, but I do love to have options and many times I head to the salon to get that fresh blowout that makes my hair straight and lovely (because I never, ever dry my hair myself these days...I just don't have the time!). 

Let me tell ya that this straightener is a jewel, and you wanna know why? I'm 39 weeks pregnant and stood at the bathroom counter actually doing my hair and it was not one bit of "work." So I know if I can do it now, I will love it once baby L. arrives and I'm just as tired, if not more. This styler literally left my hair looking very much like what it looks like when I leave the salon! And it took less than 10 minutes. I'm so impressed, really. (might I mention it also shuts off automatically after 30 minutes...that could be a lifesaver for this tired mama as well!)

I had washed my hair the night before and let it air dry. Then today when I was ready to style, I just combed out the waves a bit, then separated my hair into 1-2" strands and starting smoothing. No frizz, no fuss. (oh, and it only took a minute for the style to heat up, beeping to let me know it was ready!)

And if you do dry your hair, this is a great set! Hey, they're not cheap, but as you can see, totally worth it if you want less trips to the salon and a low-maintenance hair routine. Count. me. in.

Oh and P.S. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts this week in New York and carries on into next week (I know, I'm having a fashion week baby...squeal!!). Obvi, I won't be in attendance this season, but I've got an amazing couple of girls (shout-out to Kafi and April!) who are helping me cover while I'm watching livestream in the hospital bed (I'll be able to do that, right?). I can't wait to see the collections, and share them with you! Stay tuned...xoxo
Post GHD styling (ignore my need for more highlights, please)

The before! I straightened the left side only to show you...see the difference??


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