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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nicole Miller's Fashion Week Warriors

By Kafi Drexel 

If Olivia Pope can have "Gladiators in Suits", Nicole Miller can surely have her own set of warriors who don't even need suits to run the show. 

Nicole creates her own clan of "Nicole Miller Warriors" (#NMWarriors) for fall 2014 inspired by female heroes ranging from real-life members of the Caribbean Taino tribe to fictional characters like Elle Driver, a member of the Deadly Assasin Squad in "Kill Bill". And let's face it...on some days don't we at least feel like having the attitude of a deadly assasin? Thanks Nicole Miller, for allowing us to fantasize about marching around the city or suburban haunts as if we were Daryl Hannah on a mission, even if that mission is simply to get to work on time, weave our way through supermarket aisles, busy streets, or look like the coolest chick in the room on a girl's night out. 

Watching Nicole's models stomp out her fall looks is a reminder of why we love her. She designs for the urban woman on a mission. Nobody's going to mess with you while you're wearing a mitred fur vest, black quilted leather jacket, neoprene and silk top, and leather pant. Black, biker, crystals, and feathers...that's what we need to get through fall. Nicole is a master of creating modern day warriors. And thanks to her newly-created hashtag, I can't stop humming Patty Smyth's "The Warrior" off her yes, Scandal album, which closed the show. 

"Shooting at the walls of heartache
Bang, bang!
I am the warrior" -Patty Smyth
[Photo Credit: Kafi Drexel]

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