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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shoe Launch: KOTUR

I need more shoes in my closet that mirror artwork...like these. Ok, let's face it. I don't need them, I want them. Considering I'm having another baby next week and currently have a toddler, I'd have to save them these days for fancy occasions, but, hey, I could fill my calendar with those fancy occasions if I could wear these all the time! Babysitter? Check. Celebrity fav, KOTUR, has just launched shoes, and you know I'm all over that. Considering every other celeb has a KOTUR handbag under their arm these days - they're gorgeous, why not? - I'm certain these shoes are to be a hit. Yes?

For spring/summer, there are three key shapes, and they're def designed to make a statement. Artwork, I tell you. (The gold snakeskin up top are a def fav of mine!) According to the release I received, the "KOTUR woman intends to have fun, yet mean business in her shoes." I like it. 

This collection exposes beautiful and unique elements that play a large role in influencing the designers’ work. "This is a collection that is as much about confidence and it is about chic, as much about character as it is about craft," explains designer Kotur. "Each design contains a distinct element of surprise."

Of course, these are investment shoes, with each pair retailing for $650 (cough, cough). I mean, they are silk flowers. Tell me though...would you invest in these?

[Photos Courtesy Kotur]

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