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Monday, February 3, 2014

Swoonworthy Scarves for Valentine's Day

A scarf company inspired by Jerry Garcia's original artwork? Genius! (sorry, too, but the pregnant gal in me can't help but think of Cherry Garcia when I write this...mmm...) Hip, chic, whatever you wanna call it. I just think these scarves by Garcia Artwear are downright beautiful! The colors are so amazing, and these two here are my favs because the tones would definitely look gorgeous against those with reddish blonde haired gals like moi. The spring colors are so vibrant and the patterns so artsy! Gallery date, anyone? (I only wish I had the time for that this month!)

The prints are based off of four popular watercolor paintings from the legendary Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Colors range from soft pastels to bold palettes - and there's even a pretty pink and red for V-Day approaching soon! The scarf above (Dawn at the Ritz) is my personal fav, in hues of sunrise, sage and teal in a breathtaking watercolor effect. I just love it! Garcia's impressionistic painting is captured in this scarf, emulating the New York City sunrise from his hotel room window. Awwww, and the meaning just makes it even better, right? 

Garcia Artwear is offering a special V-Day promo on their collection of luxe scarves, infinity scarves and wraps. Through February 14, you can receive 10-percent off using LOVE as the checkout code...that makes each of them under $20! Not bad for something so very pretty. And if it's not for you...what a great gift to an amazing woman in your life!

[Photos Courtesy Garcia Artwear]

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