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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wean Green Giveaway!

Today, Melissa Gunning, the CEO and founder of Wean Green (maker of eco-friendly glass food storage for the entire family!) stops by to entertain us with why she hearts heels so much, and to give away a set to one of you lucky gals! So you know, I rely on these handy, eco containers every, single day with little C. (in orange, obvi, his fav color) and can't wait to incorporate a little pink in the cabinet soon for baby L. Moms, these things are amazing! Thanks for helping me out this week with your hilarious take on things while I wait on baby L's arrival, Melissa!

My world at Wean Green is made up of business meetings, factory tours & warehouse organizing. Not the most glamorous business to own, but it gives me lots of reasons to wear heels. 

Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE heels. 

1. I’ve been told in over a dozen business meetings that I'm more intimidating in high heels. (If you’ve seen my face you'll understand why this excites me!)

2. I can see above everyone’s heads and never feel claustrophobic in crowds. 

3. Sometimes my tush just needs a little added push up. 

4. My kids think that I'm a superhero business woman because in their adorable little heads that's the only reason I need to wear high heels. 

5. In my experience, high heels close the business deal. Maybe it's because of reason #1, or maybe it's a good luck charm...

a Rafflecopter giveaway [Photo Courtesy Wean Green]

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