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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Ergobaby Organic Collection

Ok, here's the carrier deal.  Back in the baby C. days, I acquired a Moby wrap (for me) as well as a Baby Bjorn carrier (for D.). Truth be told? The wrap was way too difficult for me to maneuver home along with baby C. by myself...it was just too awkward, not to mention it felt like he was squeezed in there too tightly, and many times about to fall. I know he wasn't really, but that's just the way it 'felt,' so I never really carried him in it other than occasionally around the house. I must confess D. used his carrier way more than I did, and baby C. seemed to like it. This time around, I decided to do much more research in baby carrier land, and gosh does research help! 

Almost every other mom I interacted with recommended the fabulous Ergobaby (not to mention every celeb owns one...I think Gisele has one in every color!), so when I found an organic brown version at my local Marshall's store, I was pretty much ecstatic (and still am...squeal!). I had been searching for one for months, so it was really like it was meant to be. I had seen a couple there before, actually, but not organic. And you know what an organic freak I am! :) The photo above is me testing it out before baby...because quite honestly I know it will be hard to take a zillion selfies once baby L's actually here (and she's probably here by the time you're reading this post as I tried to work ahead to give myself some "maternity leave," if you will). 

I can already tell you even before baby, that this carrier is a cinch to maneuver alone. It just has a clip here and there and it's so self-explanatory. I feel like I can totally do this on my own, even out and about. I love how there's even a hood for baby to protect from the nasty February winter germs...or wind...or even nursing if I do so dare try it in this carrier (yikes!). It's just more privacy, and that's what I love about a carrier in general, especially in those firstborn stages. I just don't want everyone coming up to baby L. kissing all over her, no offense. And I love the closeness of carrying her right up next to me...it truly is beneficial and special. 

So after I bought the carrier (it was, might I mention, only $79.99 at Marshall's), I did more research and realized I needed an infant insert...drats! Since they didn't have any when I bought the carrier, I was lucky enough for Ergobaby to send me one to try out with mine. And...it's organic! The organic comes in silver, natural (mine shown here) and beige. They're $38, but the original is $25. While I've read some comments of mamas doing without, the real truth is, you need one of these to make sure your newborn (use from 7-12 lbs) that's so, so tiny has all the support she can get. It offers head and neck support for the correct posture from day one! What you can do, is if your infant has pretty good neck control, use the little pillow only that comes in the bottom of the insert, and that should work well enough. Or...if your baby is taller, use the insert without the little pillow. The insert fits right inside any of the Ergobaby carriers. 

I'm so, so excited to use my Ergobaby (even though I do have a couple other carriers on hand) because this one will allow me to carry baby until a whopping 45 pounds! That's amazing to me as little C. is around 40 right now, ha. But I know I will be using this like crazy while out with both kids because it will just be easier to use the carrier rather than the big ol' car seat/stroller. I can keep up with little C. while holding my newest bundle of joy tightly against me. Whew...I'm kinda tired just thinking about it. ;) Wish me luck!
 [Bottom photo via Ergobaby]

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