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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Skip Hop Activity Gym

When we found out we were having a girl this time, I scoured the attic and closets to try to use as many of little C's things as I could. Since it had been four years and several friends and relatives had borrowed this and that over time, and we'd moved some things to my 'rents over the years, of course there were a few things I just could not find. One of them being little C's activity gym. And that was ok with me because I wasn't entirely smitten with it anyway not being sure if it was entirely free of BPA plastic, etc. So when Skip Hop, one of my fav brands, offered to send this Treetop Friends Activity Gym ($75) to baby L, it was perfect. Skip Hop is a brand I know and love and feel safe using with baby L. Not to mention, look at the adorable factor. Owls and trees, oh my!

Might I brag and mention I put this together on my own? Ok, fine. It only involves a few poles, but still. I'm used to organizing shoes like a game of Tetrus in my closet, not necessarily putting together baby toys. I love this one because it comes with a little tummy pillow for tummy time, and the hanging toys are precious! There are 13 loops, so you can hang to your heart's content (high or low!)...we've used a couple we already had, actually above the changing table and on her car seat. I think she'll love. 

This mat also has a mirror on the bottom that's pretty cool. And there's also built-in sounds and textures on the mat (aka, a squeaking flower). I don't recall little C's being this fancy! And, of course, besides the safety and functionality, I adore the looks of it, I must admit. It's not one of those activity gyms you don't wanna leave out for company or shove in the closet after it's used. I kinda like looking at it on the floor...and it's a good thing because I'm afraid my home is about to be invaded with all things baby again. :) And that's just fine with me.

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