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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Sophie the Giraffe

One must-have for every, single baby is Sophie the Giraffe. I remember my niece and nephew having one, and I think I've seen every little one out and about with one...it's the coolest accessory on the baby block. ;) little C. adored his Sophie (and so did I) when he was teething. He started teething just as soon as "the books" said he would and it seemed like he teethed and he teethed...and he teethed. Needless to say, I'm not really looking forward to that phase again (although it was nice he teethed right away and we actually got it over with earlier than usual), but I must admit I handed over lil' Sophie long before a tooth came in because the toy's just that adorable. He loved me making it squeak and  the spots on the giraffe were very visually stimulating for him. (Um, it does get a little overwhelming picking lil' Miss Sophie off the floor time after time, though, so be on high alert!)

I put little C's Sophie in his closet with his baby momentos (tears), and was sent a new one for baby L. Awwww, I know. Her very own Sophie. I can't wait to show her...I know she'll absolutely adore it like those who've come before her. ;) This teether is different from others because it's 100-percent natural rubber and so incredibly flexible and soft...sometimes I find myself loving to squeeze it and make it squeak just for kicks. It's easy for babies to hold and grip, and the horns on the head and the legs are really great for chewing.

But if you're looking beyond Sophie, I didn't realize until I went on their Web site, that the brand carries tons and tons of other toys like balls, blocks and rattles, as well as some other pretty cute versions of Sophie (there's a mini one, a hard one, a set for twins...). You should really check it out! (little C. also had these friends of Sophie, but I must warn you that they're so, so fun, but for parents with brave ears...)

Happy, happy teething! :)

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