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Monday, March 17, 2014

Marissa Winokur on Fashion, Fame and Getting Fit

Wow, talk about an inspiration. Marissa Winokur is one tough (and down-to-earth!) mama. Known for her performance as Tracy in Broadway's Hairspray (she won a Tony back in 2003), Marissa was diagnosed with cancer that same year and has since recovered. In 2008, she and her husband Judah had son Zev via a surrogate. Today, she's back on the TV screen - and fitter than ever (she's lost a ton of weight! doesn't she look amazing?!). I'm so happy to have caught up with her literally days before I went into labor (no, really), and am proud to hear of her love for heels. I feel like if I lived in L.A., we'd totally hang out. Girlfriends, meet Marissa.

I Heart Heels: How did you meet your stylist, Jeni Elizabeth
Marissa Winokur: Jeni is one of my dearest friends! I met her on Dance Your Ass Off and she's styled me ever since. I love her so much! I (recently) went to her baby shower, and it was beautiful. She looked ready to pop! I called her one day saying I felt fat because I gained like four pounds, and then noticed the irony that I chose my very pregnant skinny friend to complain to...not a good idea!

IHH: What are you working on now?
MW: I'm on Melissa And Joey on ABC Family, and I play Joey Lawrence's sister. [Also] I just started a recurring role as "Candy" on a new USA comedy Playing House. The cast is crazy funny and I really think people are gonna love this show!

IHH: Ok, fashion. At one time you had plans to launch a clothing line.
MW: I would love to do a clothing line for "the middle woman." You know, the 10-18's. Everything is either made for a size 2 or a size 20! Something made for a size 2...just bigger...doesn't fit a size 14 body correctly.

IHH: Do you have any go-to fashion or beauty products you keep around that are easy?
MW: I'm personally so low-maintenance. I live in my old-school James Perse tank tops! The ones that made him famous and then he discontinued. I find them on eBay! They're 94-percent rayon and 6-percent spandex...the 100-percent cotton aren't as good. Also, Lululemon leggings are so comfortable and suck it all in! I love little caps for bad hair days...and my really adorable "leg warmer" UGG wedges.

IHH: Must ask...are you a fan of high heels? 
MW: I would rather wear heels than anything! I'm barely five feet tall, so it's a necessity. I have many red bottom shoes and when we just remodeled our master closet, I made a bigger shoe section than sweater section. I've never shot one thing without heels, and now, because of Jeni, love high-heel boots.

IHH: What's a typical day like for you as a working mother? 
MW: I wake up around 6:00 and get Zev to school, then [go to] work. I have a babysitter meet him after school and then I usually get home for dinner, bath and bed! It's been crazy with Judah and I both working full time, but we work at the same studio, so we see each other for lunch and Zev visits both of us at work. 

IHH: Zev will be six this year...amazing! What's he up to these days?
MW: Well, I was definitely hoping for a more artistic boy, but he's all about sports and sports and more sports! He wants to talk about death, and that really stresses me out. He thinks kindergarten is boring because of all the "coloring" and "cutting." But, he loves me hard. We have an amazing relationship...Zev is very cool. Because I only have one, I really hit the jackpot.

IHH:You've been cancer-free for awhile now, so I must ask how are you feeling these days? 
MW: Perfect! I'm actually the healthiest I've ever been. I'm 13 years cancer free and recently lost a ton of weight! I hit 40 and [now] take my health serious for the first time. I lived pretty carelessly for 39 years, and I'm now making up for it, but don't feel bad for me. I had a great 39 years!

IHH: What's the one thing you hope to accomplish this year? 
MW: I want to get my mind more on track with my body. I feel like I'm very hard on myself and I need to just chill out. I stress about everything! I want life to be a little bit easier. I know my life isn't hard, so I need to start relaxing a bit!  

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