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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Shares Her Festival Style Picks

Let's face it. I'm really not a flats lover. Groan. I kinda wish I was because you can navigate life pretty well with them, eh? But, there's just something about that extra height on my feet that makes me feel good. Honestly, I think I look better, too, but alas...you just can't wear the darn things everywhere. (My dear stylist friend, Annabel Tollman, who passed away last summer, was always barking on those who wore heels in the wrong situations. I mean, I agree with her. Heels on the beach boardwalk look downright silly!) 

And so you know how Birkenstocks are trying to make a comeback - with the help of the Olsen twins, no less? These Rebecca Minkoff sandals are saving my life right now. I shudder to think I might have to get the ol' Birks back out! These sandals are everything. Especially for those of you lucky enough to go to a music festival or two! (did I mention that was my past life? yes, I loved concerts and music festivals in my schoolgirl days...I sound...so. old. )

They're called the Talia Too ($250) and I'd truly wear them with all my heart. You know the saying of wearing your heart on your sleeve? I wear mine on my feet. This 90s-inspired platform sandal with studs gives me life. The cool pattern on the Andy Short just screams Coachella and would look way adorable with a tee and blazer. Strap on a great (colorful!) handbag like the Marlowe Mini and you're all set. It might look mini, but it has expandable side zippers. Lifesaver. 

Which festival shall we attend now, gals? 

[Photos Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff]

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