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Monday, March 24, 2014

So "Snugg" and Chic

As you all know by now, I had our second baby last month. And let me not sugarcoat it here, it's exhausting. I'm still in the "trying to figure it out" mode, no doubt, but it gets better every week. I knew it would be a handful, but actually adjusting my body is the hardest. I love my sleep. So, in a way, it's a good thing little C. never slept because it prepared us for life with a newborn again. And thank goodness she sleeps better than he did! Sleep aside, this time around I'm trying to cherish every little moment as much as I can, since more than likely this will be our last baby. It makes me sad sometimes, but I know I could never handle staying at home with three...not to mention, we would nearly outgrow our home. So, two things. I'm trying to not get wrapped up in the little things that will pass (baby cries, toddler tantrums) and also trying to cut myself some slack (the first birth I was horrible to myself). 

When I found out my iPhone contract was expiring mere days after the birth of baby L, I squealed! I had been carrying a dinosaur of an iPhone (I know, first world problems), so finally got to upgrade to the 5c. And then...this jewel of a leather case came along from my friends at Snugg. Can we say perfect push present? Sure there are zillions of ordinary cases to choose from (that don't protect, mind you), but this one is a standout (most of their products are as I'm in love with the iPad mini case I have as well). I love the concept of toting the iPhone in a cute lil' pocket (in my fav color of hot pink, obvi) rather than a plastic case. Aren't those so yesterday? There's also a card slot for business cards...such a great way to remember to always carry them with you...I always forget. 

These cute things are on sale right now for $14.99, so ya better get yours now! There are so many spring colors, you'll have fun just choosing your fav hue. And you'll certainly feel more at ease with your phone surrounded by leather...so snug and chic. 

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