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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Katy of Sugarlaws on Nesting, Nursery Inspiration

By Katy Atlas, Sugarlaws

There’s a period in every mom-to-be’s pregnancy where she goes through the process of getting the house ready for the baby. Apparently, it involves a lot of cleaning, organization, decorating, and generally preparing for all those crazy days as a newborn. Appropriately, it’s called “nesting.”

I nested epically.

I think I was about three weeks pregnant when I started losing my mind about any inch of mess in our house. In my first trimester, I went through every junk drawer in our house and cleaned them all out. In my second trimester, I spent hours picking out furniture and deciding which DIY projects were safe and appropriate for a pregnant lady to undertake.  (The answer? Not many of them.) A week before my third trimester started, I cleaned out the beauty cabinets in my closet — a process that involved many hours of organization and two whole garbage bags of products I got rid of (I know, gross)!  

But, by far, the best part about nesting was working on the nursery. From the first day I thought about it, I envisioned a room that was colorful, beautiful and serene, and settled on grey and aqua as my main colors. I picked out the perfect white furnishings, little accents for the dresser, shelves, and walls, and thought carefully about where everything would go. It wasn’t easy (and it involved at least one major meltdown over whether or not to install a chandelier), but I slowly made our spare bedroom into the most beautiful baby-space I could imagine.

Sure, our little son won’t know the difference for quite some time. But I’ll know that I made his room as special as I possibly could, and I like to think that maybe it’ll make all those late nights a little easier on us both.

[Photo Credit: Katy Atlas]

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