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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Win All Your Nursing Essentials from Bravado

While I was pregnant, I kept hearing and reading about Bravado's Essential Embrace Nursing Bra ($49). I thought to myself, what is so great about this bra that makes pretty much everyone talk about it? Ok, gal pals, now I know. This bra (well and pretty much every other Bravado piece I own, but especially this one) is a definite keeper. I love it so much!

It's Bravado's newest invention and is known for its comfort through a new fabric comprised of both cotton and microfiber...this truly makes it both soft and lightweight. And believe me, those are two things that make a huge difference! There's also a nice slimming back panel that heavens knows I need right now. I consider this bra (in my pretty large array of nursing bras) one of the best and usually wear it when I'm going out somewhere because if gives me the most support with comfort at the same time. Sure, I own a lot of comfy ones, but they don't give near the support of this bra. And I was sent the Chai hue, so I love how I can wear it with practically anything!

It's seamless and stretchy, and it's awesome that the cup drops down all the way for nursing. Functional, eh? This is a great feature for that skin-to-skin contact with baby while nursing. I love how it's wire free because I happen to own a bra I thought I might love, and once I wore it a few weeks realized the wire was terribly uncomfortable. Such a bummer! This one has great, great, coverage and there's a sizing chart located on their Web site. This bra truly is an essential to all you mamas out there...it's top notch! 

Now, to the fun part! To win a "care package" from Bravado, which includes this bra and an essential nursing tank, just post your pregnancy bump photo on the Bravado Facebook page and include the caption "I feel so..." You fill in the blank and tell us how you feel! :) Once you're done, come back and comment here so I know you entered. I really encourage you to enter for you or someone you know...you'll love, love, love these pieces! xoxo

[Photo via Bravado]

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