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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: I Heart Heels + Pure Barre

Bouncing back from baby number two with pure barre
Well, here it is...the new column for (at least) the next three months! Trimdown Thursday. I like the sound of that! I'm so excited to collaborate with my local Pure Barre on my weight loss (and overall healthy!) adventure. Pure Barre really helps new moms bounce back after baby, and that's exactly what my goal is by signing up for their "baby bounce back package" and getting fit these next few months. I can't tell you how excited I am...squeal!!

In case you're just tuning in, baby L. will be two months old next week, and my doctor gave me the good ol' exercise go-ahead a couple of weeks ago. So...I took a running start and looked into my options. Pure Barre seemed a natural fit with my love for Pilates (there are lots of moves we've used in my class) and the need for something low impact that focuses on the abs, hips and thighs...oh, all to the best music ever. Love that part! The barre work is incredible and what will really get you hooked, though.

Each week, I'll show you new photos of my progress (both physically and in technique) with commentary on the classes I've taken and how I've liked them. Today I'm taking my second class and couldn't be more excited! I feel like Pure Barre is a little bit addictive. It's so much hard work, but then when it's over it leaves you craving more. You just know your body is changing as you work out, and I love being able to feel those changes. Pretty soon I hope to see them! Pure Barre suggests you might see results in just 10 classes, so I definitely hope that's me. I've got a beach vacay to attend in just a couple of months, folks!

Before I became pregnant with baby L. last spring I took a few Pure Barre classes, and the first time is definitely a challenge (I think this week was actually easier coming back than my very, first time!). You've really gotta zone in and focus. Yes, your legs will shake...your abs will shake...your arms will shake...that means it's working! But in 55 minutes, you'll truly work your entire body. 

I'm super excited to work with the amazing instructors at my local Pure Barre. I love how it's such a close-knit group of girls instructing and working out. You really get to know everyone. And they recommend you go about 3-4 times per week, so I'm going to do my best to make it four times...eek! 

My goal is to really trim down my body and lost all the baby weight, but also to tighten those abs I used to have! I'm so pumped to get started and hope you'll follow along with me each week as I fill you on my workouts and progress. Whhhhhhew...here it goes....wish me luck!

P.S. In addition to workouts at Pure Barre, I'm also enrolled in Weight Watchers, which caters to nursing moms. I also followed this program with little C. four years ago, and it really works if you stick with it. 

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so always consult with yours before doing any type of new workout or eating plan. Wink. Also, I was not compensated for this post, but provided the Baby Bounce Back package for testing purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.
Nikibiki animal-print leggings c/o ShopBuru; Peter Nygard top; Knocked Up Baby Bag c/o Rebecca Minkoff; Necklace c/o JewelMint; Black "Siobhan" booties c/o Luxury Rebel; Mirrored Aviators via Target

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  1. I absolutely LOVE pure barre. I've been actively going for about six months, and I've seen and felt HUGE changes in my body, and it's great for my mind, too!


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