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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: What I've Learned at Pure Barre

What I've learned from pure barre
Well, I survived week one of Pure Barre, y'all! I know...I can't believe it, either. WHEW. I'm not joking when I say this workout puts my Pilates class to shame. I thought it was tough pre-baby, but post-baby is kicking my butt. I'm thinking results are coming very soon (I've been losing a pound-and-a-half each week!) because I feel like it...in my glutes, thighs, abs... Today I'm attending my fifth class. I went three times last week and plan to continue going four times a week for maximum benefits...and because, well, I kinda like it (did I mention I'm also a closet hip-hop lover? That helps). Shhhhh...

I know I have a long road ahead of me, and this past week I felt a little discouragement, I won't lie. But every time I've felt bummed, I go to another class and feel instantly invigorated again. Working out feels sooo good! It also helps talking to my teachers before and after class...they really push me to work harder and harder and to not give up. I've already learned so much this last week. Losing weight is like setting any life goal...it takes hard work, determination and motivation. And never, ever giving up. 
Until I've lost more, I usually feel more comfy in a t-shirt.

Sort of silly, but as you know, I had a natural childbirth and my chant to myself was "I can do it!" So I've transferred it to Pure Barre, telling myself "You've got this, Jules! You can totally do this!" It's all about focus. 

Throughout the last week I've also compiled in my head some things I've learned at Pure Barre:

1. Buy their socks. One day I forgot my toe socks on accident, so was left without an option. Now, I'll never go back. So. Comfy. (And if nothing else is too comfy for the hour, your feet might as well be, eh?)

2. Oh, wait. Their workout clothes are cute, too. Apparently I can't mingle in the lobby because then I buy things. Pure Barre: 1. Julie's wallet: 0. 

3. Ok, seriously. Always bring water. This girl here works hard and always needs a sip between moves. I diiiiiie over the time I left it in my cube in the lobby. One word: parched. 

4. Be on time. I was struggling last time (almost in tears, mind you), but still made it to class. Smack in front of the mirror...in the front...next to the girl who had taken several handfuls of classes more than me. It's all good. 

5. The tuck. This is pretty much the key to class, so I'm pretty glad I figured this one out. Err, I think anyway. Emily, are you reading?

6. The smaller the movement, the better. The smaller the movement, the more it kills me. The smaller the movement, the more it works. Fair enough. 

7. The 90-second plank kinda feels like the 190-second plank. 

8. There's a remix of Ice, Ice Baby?

9. Your legs will shake at the barre, and that means it's working. But will it ever not feel weird? Nope.

10. Everyone starts somewhere. There are all shapes and sizes in barre class and everyone moves at their own pace and ability. I'm still modifying some of the moves, for now, but can't wait until I'm stronger. You're stronger than you think. It's mind over muscle, as my instructors say. 

So there you have it. Since I'm still so new, I'll admit, most classes I still feel like a total poser (once I get my position a lot of times, I've missed half the exercise...haha...you're laughing, but it's true). My instructor assures me I'm soon to "get over that hump" and to just keep coming. And sometimes a good pep talk is really all one needs. Here's to another week closer to skinny jeans...

Disclaimer: As always, please consult your doctor before you start any new exercise. I'm also using Weight Watchers to help control my eating habits.

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  1. right, with the plank? Holy cow - who knew that could be so hard! :) It seems like FOREVER!


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