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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Life With Two


Ahhhh, it's Wednesday! Almost Friday. But, wait! I'm a stay-at-home-mom, sooooo... :)

I know I almost always use the Whiny Wednesdays column to review a helpful, fun and trendy new product I think you new moms will love. But I'm always trying to innovate and make things more interesting, and I feel like with the new baby, there's a lot to talk about, frankly. I'd like to share a bit of my world right now with you, if you don't mind? Don't worry, product reviews will definitely return, but I'd also like to mix in some personal columns to fill you in on things. 

So...where to start. Gosh, it's been so crazy! baby L. is almost two months old now and while some days it seems time has flown, other days it seems it's stood very, very still. If you're a mom of more than one, you know what I mean. I knew things would be chaotic, but 
there was just no way to prep for them until they were here, ya know? Our family has had to 
adjust in many ways, and obviously we're continually adjusting (no extended pampering sessions for this girl...so glad I learned the art of air-drying my hair with the first kid!). It seems every time I find a moment to play trains with little C., there goes baby L. crying in her swing. Sigh. But, our little family of four is amazing, and I couldn't be happier. baby L. is smiling now, and it makes it all worth it. She melts my heart. 

baby L. is such a good baby, really! She's still sleeping a lot during the day, and I guess because she's gotten to hear her big brother being very talkative from day one, she doesn't even flinch when she's sleeping and he's barreling through the living room or yelling for me to come play with him from the other room. This is a very good thing. Another very good thing is her baby swing because she l-o-v-e-s it. With one child, I could carry him around all I wanted, tend to him any time, etc. But with two, I'm outnumbered when I'm alone with them during the day (which is not too often thanks to my amazing mother...as well as my dad...and husband, who has a flexible work schedule). 

The swing (as well as the bouncer) is a great happy place for her...she will take amazing naps in it, but will also swing in it awake, wide-eyed to the world. So sweet. What's also cool is she loves to lie in her crib (which we placed in our room for the time being) and look around. She's even taken several hour-long naps in it, which is amazing to me. Soon, we'll work on that crib for nighttime, but we're not there yet and for now, she loves her Fisher-Price Rock n' Play (and I must admit the swing is also used in the early mornings. hey, we gotta get rest, us mamas.). 

Something else lovely is she is obsessed more than anything with her car seat (it's an UppaBaby Mesa), so I can take her anywhere in the car and she'll behave. ;) Well, as long as she's fed, that is. That also means we have some pretty amazing stroller rides in our UppaBaby Cruz these days to the playground with little C. or all around the neighborhood...we have some crazy, good trails. That's pretty nice! I'm hitting exercise full force this week, and there will be more details on here tomorrow, in fact. BRAND NEW COLUMN...yay! So I hope you come back to read about it!

little C. is adjusting one day at a time, bless his heart. Lately he's always wanting to hold baby L, which can make me a bit nervous even if I still have my hands there, but it also warms my heart. He grows fonder of her every day, even if he does tell other people when they ask that she "cries a lot." little C. has always been such a sweet little guy and one who demands lots of attention, more so than baby L. In the middle of the night, he still runs to our bed, so I guess our room is now overflowing with love. Hey, you have to think positive, right? (To tell you the truth, I thought this would be the biggest adjustment and it's turned out ok. little C. seems to sleep right through my nursing and baby L's occasional cries.)

Despite what seems like a constant rush here and rush there - it's man-on-man coverage these days with no breaks anymore (and lots of feeding and pumping) - I know eventually things will settle down, we'll get in a routine and these precious moments will be gone just like that. I'm trying to live in this moment and drink up all the sweet, sweet memories we're making. I know they won't last forever and before I know it, they'll both be off to school and I'll be back to work. (hey, school's not cheap!)

With all that being said, we're fine around here. We're making it. Most of all, we're truly blessed and I couldn't live without my loving, amazing family of four. I'm so glad we'll always have each other because honestly that's what life's about. Swoon.

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