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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Sick Baby = Life Lessons

Hey, mamas! I feel pitiful the last couple of weeks for not posting much. I've had a couple of those moments where I've said to myself, "stop being so darn hard on yourself...slow down...and realize you can't and don't have to do it all!" If you know me, I make a big deal out of everything. I really need to change "stressed" around to "desserts" and just relax a bit (well, as long as it's within my Weight Watchers points limit, that is...). I'm saying all of this because it's been a rough week. baby L. had to go to the ER...on Easter, no less.

You're probably thinking ER, whatever, my kids go there on a monthly basis. But when it's a two-month-old (and your sweet, sweet own), it's a different story. I was so scared. She had been throwing up all day, and yes, even all over her new Easter dress (I took the photo above literally minutes before she hurled). Luckily, we had back-up plans that only a second-time mother would think of. Yay for kitty kat dresses. 

You see, little C. had been sick the previous week, his poor little self throwing up two different days. I put life on hold and took him to the doctor to get some help, only to find myself back in the very same place this week. Irony they were both puking? Probably not. And they always say the second child picks up everything from the sibling. Lucky. But when you see your tiny thing going through that? It's painful, trust. 

So basically we ended up visiting two different ERs (the first wasn't pediatrics...learned our lesson to bypass that next time) with our sweet baby girl.  When we got settled, she had to have blood drawn and an IV for fluids (she was only mildly dehydrated, thank goodness). I had to leave the room because who can watch that, right? Luckily, D. could. After her fluids started, they finally let me feed her (and that's a huge thank goodness because if you've ever breastfed, you know. I had no pump with me. Ouch and ouch.) The whole time I just kept thinking what if she throws up again...what if they have to keep her overnight...what if her tests come back weird and they have to run more tests. What ifs are lovey, huh? Thankfully, none of them transpired and after waiting 20 more minutes, we were free to go with a baby who was hydrated, full and doing much better. Thank. heavens. I guess we got lucky with little C considering he still hasn't ever visited the ER (knock on wood). 

That night I couldn't sleep a bit, wondering if she was ok or hungry. 

And everything kinda fell into perspective on that Easter evening. Life is precious. Family is precious. I thank my lucky stars for the family who surrounds me to help me take care of my babies (looking at you, mom). Sure, I come here to write about my fav pair of shoes or a new dry shampoo I've been trying out, but what matters in the end are the people you surround yourself with, not the things. While I've been looking after baby L closely, it's been exhausting so I've put social media a little on the backburner, and it's felt good. I think I was given this as a little reminder to never take for granted how lucky I am, and that includes good health for me and my family. A healthy baby is a precious thing that I'll never take for granted for one minute. And here's hoping I never have to see my baby L. hooked up to an IV again. 

Thank you for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers the past few days. They've obviously helped because she's almost back to her old self again. Now, to get her Easter dress clean...

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