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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whiny Wednesdays: My Little Doodle Pants

When I found out about Doodle Pants I was definitely squealing...look, y'all! Little heart leggings with a kitty kat on the bottom...swoon. Of course, there are tons of patterns, but since baby L has an orange cat (the family cat that just stays around forever...seriously. He follows us all around the neighborhood!) , I thought these way appropriate. They're a size three months, so she's not in them just yet, but when she is, believe me you better check Instagram because there will be some major photos happening, dears. 

The leggings start at three months and go to 24 months and they're just $24.99. I mean, that's a pretty sweet deal considering all of the cuteness. I'm going to look for a pint-size denim jacket to pair with it for fall, but for summer I think a mini tank too will be so, so adorable. Daydreaming now...this is what having a little girly girl is allllll about! :) 

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