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Monday, May 19, 2014

My Latest Hair Product Obsession

Ok, yes, I know. Another post about my hair. Sorry, y'all, but what can I say? I love hair products! If ever there was a beauty routine I love to play around with, it's that of my hair. Funny enough I don't change my actual style that often (although look for a fun post next month!)...wavy, straight, wavy, straight...I love to experiment with new products. (Not to mention, while I'm nursing I feel like it's the safest array of products to play around with these days. Sorry, skincare.) 

So since we're heading into summer's beloved beach season (I leave in just a few weeks for my own fun times!), I'm completely embracing the wavy hair and my natural texture. My new hair product obsession is by Jonathan Product and it's called Dry Dirt ($22). Seriously. How can so much hair styling goodness come in this one can? Trust me. It can. Think the perfect, piecy, slept-in locks...in just seconds!

I raved on Twitter the other day about how this Dry Dirt has taken over every other product I've come to love for my waves (and I have many on the counter). It's one of those I've quickly adopted as a can't-live-without-product, and it's amazing how simple it is for such amazing results. You shake...you spray it, folks. And it produces the best update to your hair's natural (dry) texture on earth. (Best new mom product, too, because you can just spray and go!)

I could go on and on, but ya just gotta try it. K?

P.S. It's vegan and you really can't find many hair products like so. Major.

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