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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: A Day in My (Pure Barre) Life

Hey, everyone! Whew, what a week it's been. It seems just when I get the hang of life with two, a curve ball heads my way. See if you can handle this mama! I've been getting better at working Pure Barre into my routine, although since we were out of town the weekend, I'm having to make up my regular Sunday class on a Saturday...groan. And since I had three whole days off from barre, gosh I could feel it this Tuesday, girls! (I sweat so much...and this is TMI, but little C told me once I was home "mama, you smell gross.") Sign of a great workout, eh?

Since we're now at the end of two months can I get real with you? I've lost a total of about 40 pounds since I had baby L in early February (hooray for nursing!) - 13 of those from Pure Barre! I have 20 pounds to go. Yes, I gained close to 60 pounds. Did you know Beyonce did, too? It's fine. I'm not the hey, I'll get pregnant and wear a few maternity clothes here and there and then fit back into my normal jeans a few weeks later type of girl. I'm just not. Amazing if I were, but I'm not. While 20 pounds seems like a long road ahead, I honestly think I can knock it out within the next few months. Do I hear a New York Fashion Week deadline? Sounds perfect to me. Then I'll treat myself to a new pair of shoes! ;) Eyes on the prize. 

So since my life is full of exercise and good eating these days, I thought I'd fill you in on a typical day in the life of me. 

7 a.m. Rise and (try to shine)...little C goes to Mother's Day Out several days a week until the fall (when he starts preschool!), so he's usually awake, and if he's not, sure enough baby L. is. Ugh...not a morning person here!

7:30 a.m. Nurse baby L. and eat a KIND bar for breakfast before heading out the door.

8 a.m. Take little C to Mother's Day Out while baby L tags along with us (why do car seats have to be so freaking heavy? Part of my workout right there! Luckily, D. helps me take him many mornings.)

8:30 a.m. Pump. This is so I can have a bottle for someone to watch baby L later.

9 a.m. Try to get baby L down for her first nap.

10 a.m. Try to do the dishes, catch up on the blog, eat a snack, etc. for the 30 minutes she naps. (Yes, the morning one is way too short!) 

11 a.m. Go pick up little C. as baby L tags along. (Luckily, my mom helps me pick him up many days or she will at least watch baby L while I run inside.)

Noon: Pure Barre (while my mom watches and feeds the kids). Time to lift, tone and burn and I love this hour!!

1 p.m. Starbucks. I treat myself to an ice-cold Frappucino after every barre class. It's one of my motivations! Pass the caramel, please. 

1:30 p.m. Lunch (I will either fix myself a Weight Watchers frozen meal or peanut butter & banana sandwich at home, or I'll get a Market Salad and Yogurt Parfait with Cookie Crumbles from Chick-Fil-A...so good.) then pump since I left a bottle earlier during barre. 

2 p.m. Play PlayDoh or something else fun with little C.

3 p.m. Nurse baby L. (many times while watching a DVD with little C. There's much multi-tasking going on here.)

4 p.m. Start getting dinner ready, which unfortunately for me includes a frozen Weight Watchers dinner many days. 

5 p.m. D. comes home...I do a few errands around the house and play with little C. Pretty soon, this will be swim time when we open our pool this weekend. (Squeal!) 

6 p.m. Nurse baby L. while D. gives little C. his bath. Sometimes we also have to squeeze in a bath for baby L.

7 p.m. If I'm lucky, baby L will be awake and happy for a stroller ride around the neighborhood (doesn't happen often because she loathes the sun in her eyes. Note: must install sunshade.). Otherwise, she's swaddled and off to sleep she goes....in her bassinet, for now. And D. will put little C to sleep.

8 p.m. Once both kids are snoozing, I take my long. hot. shower. Now you see why I air dry my hair? Who has time to dry this mop! Don't forget the eye cream, miracle zit zapper cream and stretch mark cream. Every. Night. Ahhhh...I could live in the bathroom, gals. 

9 p.m. Ok, now I can write this blog! :) Until it's time to nurse again, that is. I'll usually write until 11 or 11:30 before my head hits the pillow. Hard. And then I get to wake at midnight...3 a.m. and 7 all over again! (Hoping this stops very soon when we move her to her own room this month.)

Whhhhhew, I'm worn out thinking about it! And this doesn't even include our other appointments each week (doctors, play dates, pedicures, sports practice). 

Pure Barre is amazing because I can schedule my workouts into my hectic life just like anything else. It works best for me that way rather than just rely on myself to get it done. If I sign up for my classes at the beginning of each week and work them into this schedule, I create a routine for myself and learn to stick with it. I'm much more accountable! 

I wanna know...how do you stay accountable and on track?

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so please consult yours before starting any new diet or exercise plan. I was not compensated for this post, but was provided the PB Baby Bounceback Package for the purposes of my reviews. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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