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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: My First 10!

Ok, it's weird taking photos of myself at Pure Barre, hence the let me take a quick selfie above. Shrug. I'm also still at the point where I'm wearing oversized tees with my leggings because I'm just not quite comfortable letting it all hang out yet (um, not to mention nursing has made it slightly more difficult to fit into tops, which kinda makes me groan.). But, guess what, y'all?? I did it! I lost my first 10 pounds since I've started barre! (I had already lost 25 pounds just from giving birth and breastfeeding.) You don't know how excited I am. That means every week so far I've lost, which is way better than I started out after I had little C. I remember feeling so discouraged for a couple of weeks when the scale didn't budge. So, basically Pure Barre, I love you. Times 1 million. 

It's also week 6, which means I've been doing the baby bounceback package for over a month (four times per week) and I'm, drumroll, HALFWAY. Yikes! I better keep moving because I've got a little more than 20 pounds left to go. No, seriously. When I say I enjoyed my cupcakes during pregnancy (knowing it was my last), I reallllly enjoyed them. What's funny is, I'm happy now to eat primarily grilled chicken salads, kale and peanut butter smoothies. And since I'm specifically doing Weight Watchers (all on my iPhone, did I mention?!), I eat a lot of their frozen meals. A lot. (Hey, they're way too easy.)

This week at the barre, we are starting the Summer Body Challenge for 30 days, which happens to correspond with my baby bounceback, so of course I'm along for the ride! This past Sunday we had a nutrition seminar (see below) and our body composition recorded (I was actually pleasantly surprised!) and we'll come back next month to check it again after 20 classes. I'm pretty pumped (pun intended) to see the results.

I might also add that I tried on my Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans for the first time this week "just to see." They're my loosest-fitting jeans. They fit!! They're tight in the waist, but I can already see such progress that I'm not scared at all for the finish line. I know it's coming, and it's just a matter of patience...and a lot of working my butt off! For real though, those squats at the barre hurt so good. 

So, I made it halfway and I'm excited to keep moving forward, one class at a time. (Still wondering when I'll be able to "teaser up" unaided...whew.) Look for another outfit post (or two!) next week, lovelies. Happy weekend and air kisses! Xoxo
Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, so please consult yours before starting any new diet or exercise plan. I was not compensated for this post, but was provided the PB Baby Bounceback Package for the purposes of my reviews. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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