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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: How to Travel with More Than One Kid

It's Whiny Wednesday and I'm literally blogging on my phone, y'all. These days are crazy and I'm trying my hardest to carve out a little blogging time, but between baby L, little C and barre class, that leaves not much time for this space here. I hate that. Because I really love this blog and I don't want it to suffer, but rest assured I've got some exciting things in the works. Things are just different right now. Instead of tons of shorter, fun things every day, I'm working on bigger projects these days and not necessarily every day. Just a different style, I guess, as I still try to adjust to life with two. You do what you can, right?

So this weekend was our first real road trip (3 hours, well, normal time) as a family of four. We drove to visit my in-laws for one night. Why one night? Trust me when I say that anything more with difficult sleeping arrangements at this point with baby L would be tough. We'll see how the beach goes next month. Our travel lately is one reason we haven't done the big crib transition just yet. Dread that.

Traveling with two kids actually presented lots of new things. It made me realize you can never, ever know what to expect. Exhibit A? The trip there. baby L slept the entire way and little C watched the same DVD not twice, but three times. Bless him. It was a dream trip, and probably the most relaxing since BC (that's before little C). Exhibit B? Couldn't have been more opposite. baby L sleep for about 30 minutes, then proceeded to wail in her cute lil' cry (I kid, baby L has a blood-curdling scream, mind you) forever. This was when little C decided to fall asleep, which he never does. Insert defeated face here.

Nevertheless, we couldn't let her keep crying, so we stopped to change her diaper. That helped for awhile, but she just did not want to be back in that car seat. We somehow made it until about 30 minutes from home (that was a rough stretch for mama), until she was at it again and we stopped for probably the nicest family dinner we've had in awhile. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade? After dinner I was smart enough to ride in the backseat, smashed between two car seats, to occupy the kids. If Sophie the a Giraffe hadn't been present, it would've been the end.

So here are a few tips for traveling on the road with multiple kids:
For older kids, always have a DVD player. Or an iPad. I hate to say it, but these tools are definite lifesavers once you're kid turns at least 2. Use them without shame.

Make sure everyone has used the bathroom before you leave and that you pack a snack bag in the car. I couldn't believe it, but because if this, we didn't have to stop on the way once time.

With a baby, make sure you feed just before you leave, but also bring extra milk just in case. We got way lucky on the trip home because I had pumped an insane amount the day before and brought it with us to have on hand.

Bring the Dr. Harvey Karp Happiest Baby on the Block CD. This CD is a complete lifesaver when she gets fussy at home, so I knew it would work also in the car (I could kiss #2 to pieces). THIS is how we got through most of the drive back. (Although little C wasn't too pleased.)

Bring a few small toys like a light-up mirror and a squeaky Sophie for baby. It will keep her occupied at least a little while.

Leave your pride at home. If you have sit in the backseat? Do it. Need to reach over the seat from the front until your arm is numb? Sometimes it's a must for a second.

Traveling with two isn't easy, but it's a great way to come together as a family. All that craziness just makes you closer. Seems silly, but I wouldn't trade it. Except now I'm debating how long we can ride before stopping on our next trip...to the beach. 10 hours, folks. Send special thoughts and prayers my way. ;)

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