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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Little Giraffe Love

We looooove Little Giraffe in the I Heart Heels household. Squeal! If you've ever felt one of these blankets, you'd immediately know where I'm coming from. Oh, you have? Then, mama you know. I need my own adult-sized version of these puppies. Then I might never ever get off the couch (yeah, right...with two kids...). Little Giraffe is near and dear to us because it was one of little C's first lovies, and it was also his first pillow (the cutest, tiniest, blue satin thing). He now uses an amazing hooded towel that makes me wanna just wrap him up in it and never let him go. It's soft, of course, but he looks adorable with those bear ears. So now, I'm excited to pass on the giraffe love to baby L. 

When I showed her the two "mini" blankets Little Giraffe sent her, she cooed. (Ha, no really.) Ever since then, for the past month, I've been using them to cover her little legs when she's either in her bouncer or swing...so perfect for that! (I wouldn't use them for a stroller ride as they're not quite large enough and honestly too nice, but they really are perfect for indoor activities like the swing!) While the Chenille polka-dot blanket pictured on the left here is the fuzzier one, the chevron Dolce on the right is just as soft...like your fav bathrobe. I've always preferred the Chenille (it's what they're known for!), but I've found myself gravitating towards the Dolce knit even more. It's a heavier weight and stays put even better on her excited little legs. Plus, you know I'm a sucker for chevron. 

These blankies are so, so sweet and perfect for baby L's serene pink and gray nursery. Even when she outgrows these (tear), I won't be able to part. 

P.S. Little Giraffe is hosting a Mother's Day giveaway along with other top brands, with a prize valued at $1400...eek! There's one more day to enter! (If you follow me on Twitter, that's already one entry!) 

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