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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Rachel Pally Baby, Swoon

Hey, mamas! Wow, I can't believe it's already Wednesday again. Time sure flies when you're changing little heart diapers all day. :) I recently stumbled upon the news that one of my fav designers (who happens to be a mama and designs for mamas), Rachel Pally, has a baby line now. I squealed and squealed, of course. I'm all OVER this launch! Obviously, I 
wore my fav caftan dress just like the one above (only mine is blue) all throughout the last trimester of my pregnancy, and I'm now living in it postpartum as well. It's a super-comfy dress that works for all phases (great for hiding some of that extra weight I've still got going on...groan), and it's perfect for summer! 

So, obviously I need baby L to join in the Rachel Pall goodness. Hey, gotta teach them to love the best designers at an early age! I just know she's going to be like her mama and really fall head over her sparkly baby shoes for these pieces. I'm completely swooning over these leggings (that I personally think could work for boy or girl), but I'm smitten the most with that romper below. If you've seen. Y Instagram lately you'll realize it's like 100 days of rompers around here. They're just soooo cool for this hot southern weather (and we're visiting the beach soon!), not to mention they're just plain adorable with one of those organic knot headbands you see everywhere (yeah, we've started a minor collection.) 

I hope to scoop up tons of RP goodies for baby L as soon as she has a free hanger in closet (blush). It's kinda ridiculous...

[Photos Courtesy Rachel Pally]

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