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Monday, June 16, 2014

Out of Office: Enjoying the Beach...Please Leave a Message

Hi, lovelies! It's Monday and I hate to rub it in, but I'm at the BEACH....squeal!! It's our annual family vacation and this year we're alllll staying in one big cottage. (In other words, pray for me...I kid. Sorta?) This is the one trip I look forward to all year long, and when we leave each year, my heart breaks. I hope someday our family ends up here...I really do. It's such a great place and we have so many memories here. 

But, for now (and after a 12-hour drive with a toddler and a very small baby), we'll just enjoy the week. No worries about blogging (but there will be guest bloggers...very good ones, too, so keep reading!)...no thinking about appointments or school or errands...not even a worry about which shoes to wear because I probably won't even be wearing any. ;) ahhhhh....beach life. Someone pinch me, I'm in love again. 

See you all again next week, and keep following along on Instagram and Twitter for updates under @iheartheels. Mwah xoxo. 

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