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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Barre at the Beach

The Pure Barre location and my experience there on vacation
Ok, so first of all, can I let you in on a secret and tell you I've recently discovered blogging on my iPhone...and it is life-changing! So much better than the iPad because I'm way better at texting (which is essentially what I'm doing here) than typing quickly on the iPad. Now that we've addressed my no-time factor (eek!), let's get moving with this week's (week 13!) Trimdown Thursday...barre at the beach!

As you know, last week I was lifting, toning and burning on vacay at the Pure Barre Santa 
Rosa location in Watercolor, Florida. What a way to make a workout even more fun! I was so excited when I found out this locale was just a short, 20-minute drive down scenic highway 30-A from our beach cottage. In fact, I've been frequenting the grocery store adjacent to it for years and never realized PB was there! Trust me when I say it is the cutest. I mean, how cliche but someone had even parked their bike outside it when I arrived. Eek!

This locale obviously caters to a lot of women on vacay as I could tell I wasn't the only new face visiting. And as you can tell from the sign, Julia was my instructor. :) She was great! She went over everything quickly before class to
explain the class format and some of the technique. I loved her style and how she moved quickly through the class but still walked around to correct things when needed. And she was so positive, telling us we did a great job, and she remained completely unshaken when the building alarm decided to go off during abs! :) (don't worry, it was nothing)

Silly me had grabbed a two-pound and a three-pound weight for warm-up, and Julia gladly grabbed me the right one in the midst of it all. The locale itself was much smaller than the Little Rock one I'm used to (the lobby is actually tiny, but so cute!), and it was really cool to see how it compares to the one I'm used to. 

To be honest, I was supposed to attend three times that week, but ended up going once. (Bashful face.) One night we had family photos on the beach, and the other morning I was just so exhausted from the sun. Oh well! I had to align my priorities for the week, and I knew missing a couple classes wouldn't get me too far behind.

When I returned home, I hadn't gained or lost, so I was pretty proud of myself (considering we stayed directly across from an Orange Leaf!). This week, I'm back in LR and happy to get my body back on track. After all, I've got tons of
clothes to fit into for fashion week in just a couple of months...eek!

Come back next week for a big giveaway and to read (& see!) all my results!! Xoxoxo 

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