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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby L and the Lost Wubbanub

You know how the first six months, ok year, of your baby's life are a big muddled blur of no sleep and raging hormones? And you know how there are those moments that send you into a deep, deep frenzy and then once they're all over with you just laugh uncontrollably? Yeah, ya do. I mean, even when you're going through it, you think, this is so silly, but you just can't help yourself from getting worked up. Am I right? So here's what happened this week. (This was the day before I forgot I had my sports bra on but completely undone at the top around resting itself around my waist for the straps to hang out the bottom of my shirt...while visiting the neighbors. You see what we're working with here.)

It was the end of a long day, but not too bad. I had taken baby L. on a stroller ride around the neighborhood with little C tagging along on the piggyback (which we adore, by the way). We couldn't find her dearest caterpillar Wubbanub, so I settled for the pacy without the stinking animal attached. She didn't need it, so it was fine. After one lap, little C was done. So I dropped him off and headed out again with baby L. She let me take another lap, and then fell sound asleep (without the pacy), so I went a third. I came back home, and of course once I stopped, she woke. And she wanted a pacy. She did not want the little pacy without the animal. I asked D., please bring me the caterpillar. He looked. And looked. And looked. So, of course, I got agitated he couldn't find it. So I looked and looked. And looked. I mean, there are only so many places we put the darn thing! But nowhere. little C hadn't seen it, either. Meanwhile, baby L's screams get louder and louder (little C got more and more irritated). I tried shushing, swaddling and taking her outside. It must've gone on for more than 30 minutes with everyone frantic.

baby L. was too unsettled to eat, so I gave her an ounce of expressed milk in a bottle to calm her. She calmed down enough to finish nursing. I called the only store in town 15 minutes before closing time to ask if they had a silly Wubbanub. They did...whew. Poor D. and little C. raced to buy the $20 kitty kat pacy (D. had sticker shock when he arrived at the cash register), and made it just in time...within seconds. Of course, the sales team laughed and the boys just let out a huge sigh of relief. 

When they got home, baby L. was finished eating. I gave her the new, sweet pacy. She fell asleep, spitting it out. I laughed. Of course. Then about 15 minutes later, D. walked in. He had found the caterpillar pacy under a blanket under the piano bench. Le sigh. And this is why we can't take things too seriously. We've gotta keep laughing so that we don't cry! Now we have two pacys, which is another lesson learned. Always have a back-up pacy. End of story. 

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