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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Stokke MyCarrier Cool

From day one, I've struggled to find a baby carrier I've been really comfortable wearing. In fact, our pack 'n' play is currently filled with about 10 of them for which I've dubbed the baby carrier graveyard. With little C, I could never find my groove, so he was hardly worn at all (bless him, although I do think he turned out just fine, for the record.). I've vowed to carry baby L. much more this time to reap the bonding benefits, but also to make things easier while also living with a preschooler! Enter the new Stokke MyCarrier Cool ($219). This thing is awesome

Once it finally stopped raining around here (no joke it rained an entire week), we were ready to go out and get some sunshine, so I found it the perfect opp to try the carrier I was sent for testing. And I've been addicted since! I must admit I was a little scared yet another carrier might leave me brokenhearted, but this is the only one that didn't leave my lower back hurting and feeling weird once I took it off. Major points. (This is one of the main features I need, personally.) I think it's because of the hefty harness around the waist.Without naming names, another carrier I own doesn't have one of these at all and I can definitely feel the difference in my back. What else? It includes "cool" in the name because it's perfect for the heat of summer. It's made of breathable mesh so there's much better airflow for both mama and baby. That's also a major plus, considering I live in the very hot south and baby L. is pretty hot natured. 

You can use the carrier from birth to three years...facing the baby inward, outward or on your back (for older ones). I'm honestly happy to get to the point where I can finally face her outward and she can look around (although for napping and trips to the grocery store, inward is ideal). In addition to the amazing waist belt, I love the thick backpack straps and how there are pockets on the side. I mean, this carrier is pretty much the Porsche of all baby carriers. 

Of course, Stokke is a brand we love, love, love at our house (we own the Tripp Trapp high chair as well), and we love how it's free of harmful chemicals. It's also been tested for safety, and everything you'll need for use is well within reach here...no straining to put the baby inside. So nice. And best of all to me, you're not having to "stuff" your baby into it...it's so easy and the baby slides right in without a big deal. I'm probably going to take this with me to the beach next week. Long walks on the beach with my Stokke MyCarrier Cool sound delightful! 

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