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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chicest Rashguard Ever

Believe it or not, I'm still wishing I was back at the beach. Honestly, I wouldn't hate it if someday we move our family that way. We love it that much. Granted, we wouldn't be staying in a swank beachside cottage with an organic coffee shop within mere walking distance every day, but ya know. Might still be nice to see the water every day? We're def already planning next year's stay. 

Since this year was the summer of "still losing the baby weight," it was great having our own pool and close access to the beach (you know, so I could hide? Slightly kidding.) But after a couple of days, I pulled out my new white swim T (aka rashguard) by Cover and felt completely cool again (literally and figuratively...this shirt is sooo comfy!). 

As a fair-skinned redhead (who is pretty much blonde now), I have to stay covered up and limit my sun. Upon seeing this tee, I thought white...jersey...yeah right! But it's actually a generous fit and way cuter than I ever imagined (and such a silky fabric!). It's UPF 50+ and I found that pretty amazing. Most swim pieces of this nature are not this chic. And it provides physical, not chemical, protection. 

I also loooooove the entire line this Dallas designing duo makes. Visit their site to see the chicest long-sleeve swimsuits you've ever laid eyes on. 

You can find Cover at Shopbop and Neiman Marcus among other select boutiques listed on their site. 

P.S. More on which swimsuits I actually wore at 4 months post-baby (gasp!)...next week!

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