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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Make A Fishtail Braid

I love my hairstylist. I really do. I think I've mentioned to you previously that I went to the same stylist from when I was 16 until I had little C at 28. Whew. Sometimes change is good, y'all. Especially when it comes to hair. My new stylist Heather at Serenity Salon (in Little Rock) knows exactly what I want for my hair....we just click. And while I usually go for a stick-straight blowout with the occasional highlights, this time I was headed to the beach and wanted something super easy to travel in...that would last for days! (And it did.) Girls, introducing the fishtail braid. 

To start, part your hair to the side you want it. H. made a really pretty smaller braid on top. You can skip this if you want, but I loved. In fact, after my main braid was dunzo, I wore just this small one 
Next, take a strand from outside the left section of hair and cross it over. Finish it under the right section. While H. used chunkier pieces on my braid (my hair is pretty thick), you can also use thinner. Just make sure you make it consistent.

You do the same on the right. Grab a strand from the outside of the right section, cross it over it and then under the left section. 
Just alternate this pattern until you reach the bottom. Use a hair tie. You can also use pins throughout to hold it together. This worked well on my extra-thick hair. Also, you might consider leaving your hair unwashed so that it's not so slippery when trying to braid. 

You can also loosen the braid once finished to make it wispier and more "undone." 

And voila! Here's the finished "travel-perfect" look. 

Scroll down to see the second day. Still great, eh? I almost loved it the second day even more. I think I might try this one day at home (during baby L's nap?). Doesn't it look fun? 

Thanks, H, for the new 'do!

P.S. Call 501-219-0400 to make your own appointment. Visit Serenity Salon on Facebook.com/serenity-salon and Instagram (@SerenitySalon_lr).

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