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Monday, July 28, 2014

I Tried Yoga Yesterday...

I can't believe it, but until yesterday, I had never taken a yoga class. Sure, when my Pilates teacher was absent, a substitute with "more yoga than Pilates" would come in and incorporate a few more yoga moves than we were used to. Yesterday, however, was completely new. An entire hour of pure yoga. Namaste, anyone?

There's a new studio in my town that has barre, cycling, and yoga, among a few other things, so I thought I'd be daring and try it out. After all, I like to mix things up in exercise or I get completely bored. A free yoga class offered on a Sunday afternoon was the perfect way to stay cool on our 100-degree day. 

The studio, as you can see here, was gorgeous with lots of white and natural light shining in. Of course, it was brand-new, so that also made it nice. I hung low-key to the back since I had no idea what I was doing.

Here's the gist of what I got. There's an awful lot of plank into downward dog...mix in a little warrior (which by the way you do not want to see my attempt at warrior 3)...and a little tree pose (which I'm proud to say I rock). Lingo? Instead of skin we say flesh and ground we say earth (melt into the earth together, shall we?). I'm fine with the yoga speak, but must admit when he told us to point the corners of our mouth up to share with the world, I had to laugh inside. This guy was good. 

He was so good that during the meditation period at the end (which had some fancy yoga name...update: my yoga lover friend L says it's savasana. I Googled it and it says "corpse pose." Freaky much? Ok, I'm over it.) that must've lasted at least five minutes (of dead silence) he nearly put me to sleep. We're talking best. five. minutes. of. my. life. If you have kids, you know. I should seriously consider a meditation room. 

Anywho, the whole experience was quite lovely but very different than Pilates (which is way more abs...way more fast-paced...in a good way!).  In fact, I never realized how much so until now. No offense yoga, but I think I'll keep my Pilates for now. Until we namaste again...

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