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Monday, July 28, 2014

Urban Ears for Travel, Exercise and Everyday

Omg, gals. I'm loving my new Urban Ears. You know how I've been working out every, single day of my life lately trying to lose this baby weight, right? Love. These. And to tell you the truth I just love them for sitting in the bedroom lately when I have to be all quiet and stuff because I have kids now...snooze. Baby L is still in our room, so these are amazing for being able to be "normal" and not disturb her. 

A little insider info...I'm such a music gal. I'll probably use these way more than your average gal would. Plus, I'm all giddy over how gorgeous the teal hue is that I literally get excited to wear them. I know. I'm a huge dork. One who loves ordinary everyday items with big splashes of color. (Hot pink salt and pepper shakers? I'll take them.) 

The other thing is, did I tell you I've got every little chic detail booked for fashion week in SIX weeks? Yep, these are def going with me on the plane (they're collapsible, so they'll fit in my purse!). Oh, and maybe I'll wear them some on the street. Ya know, to look and feel like a local? So completely urban. I die over these, y'all. Only $59.*

P.S. These have a Zoundplug, which is an extra jack that lets you share your music with a friend. Hey, maybe sis will wanna join in on the flight. And eek, eek eek. It even has a built-in microphone to answer calls and a remote to rewind/fast forward music since your music is prob on your iPhone, yes?

*mine were sent free for testing. all opinions here are my own. ;) 

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