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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: How to Treat Cradle Cap

I know this looks like such a gross post, but bear with me. I've found a life-changing product for babies and it's the Baby Oil by Zoe Organics

I discovered this amazing brand on Instagram, as I've often done lately, and am so glad I did. I now want the entire product line-up from cream to bug spray. Baby L has had cradle cap since she was born, bless her heart. And luckily I've been able to cover it up with large bows. :) But honestly I just want it gone! At every doctor's check-up, she would say "still cradle cap. You should use Aveeno Baby or even Selsun Blue" (um, no thanks. Anything that doesn't even wash off is off limits for my babe. Love my doc, but no.). So we tried the Aveeno for weeks and literally nothing happened. My mother-in-law suggested something with Calendula. So, I got out the beloved Weleda Baby. Not much progress. 

Then. I saw where this oil was made with essential oils (sunflower, jojoba and olive oil and lavender and chamomile) that were great for dry skin, etc. I immediately thought it might work! And hearing other moms rave always makes me wanna try something. Right? 
So we've used this about a month now, but saw immediate results. As in, the next day. The above photo is the before. Below photo is this week. Ummm yay?! Notice there is still a tiny bit left under the hair, but pretty soon that should be clear as well. The key is to apply the oil each day (I dab two pumps just before bed because it contains lavender and it's seriously a sleep inducer...I'm convinced. It smells glorious!!) 

It's $18 and you can buy it at zoeorganics.com. Let me know your results if you try it!


  1. Cradle cap is a stipulation of the skin that moves around the affected space of the body fully chromatic and makes it greasy, oily and crusty. Baby dermatitis is common in infants and can be cured by home remedies. Organic oil can be used to fight against it.

    Surfing on the web I found www.aboutcradlecap.com, that petroleum product like Vaseline or mineral oil can also used to cure honeycomb disease.

  2. Due to their sticky nature any type of oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or any mineral oil is good for removing cradle cap.

    The Baby cradle cap can be removed by using warm water which will moist the scalp, then massaging the scalp using coconut oil. After 5 – 10 minutes wiping it with warm moist cotton cloth or a soft towel.


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