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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Lost in lollaland

I can just say it right now: obsessed. with. lollaland. No, it's not some hidden gem of an amusement park ride or a kid's candy store with lollipops galore, but it's an adorable and convenient kids food and drink line. They're the makers of the infamous, swoonworthy Lollacup, seen here in pink. 

This is not your average sippy, folks. (It starts at nine months, so baby L still has a few more months to go.) At $16, it's made of all safe materials (no chemicals) right here in the USA and the magic happens in the straw! It has a weighted end so even if it's tilted, young ones  learning to sip can use it gracefully. The straw is valve-free (easy sipping again) and the handle is even removable! So it fits in the car seat (um except my darlings always want moi to hold the drink. Experienced that?) There are tons of cute colors (this is Posh Pink), and there's even a "Chic Black" for young fashion lovers. 

We were also sent the newest Mealtime Set to try out. And since baby L hasn't started solids yet, little C was the perfect candidate. He. Loves. 

It's only $20 for this three-piece set (plate, bowl and dipping cup). I love the simple design. The set is so completely simple and functional. Why did no one else think to make a flat, square plate?? It's seriously the first in our cabinet and we now use it all the time because it's so much easier to prepare food on it and just eat. The dipping bowl is the perfect size for ketchup or dressing. And keeps messes away. I also appreciate that it's just a normal bowl. I mean, thank you. (By the way, this is a typical meal for little C: gluten-free fish sticks by Ian's with Ranch and fresh green beans. Mmmm!) 

I'm guessing little C has taken over this set now. Sorry, baby L! She'll just have to enjoy her sweet new pink cup. :)

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