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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: mbaby is Chic & Practical

Oh, baby L. You make me swoon every day. Our routine is to wake up (very early) and play in the mornings before big brother and daddy wake up. I'll have my coffee right after I change her out of her PJs and into something cute for the day. Then I'll set out her matching bow for when we go out (I don't make her wear it around the house, y'all.) But I'm not even kidding when I say I dress her up every, single day. Even if we're only traveling to the mailbox in the Baby Bjorn. You wouldn't have expected otherwise, right? 

Her closet is just overflowing with baby pink here and hot pink there. So when this blue and white striped dress by Munchkin was sent over, it was a true breath of fresh air. And I knew immediately she would wear this for our annual family beach photos. Perfect with a white bow. ;)

Munchkin has long been a huge player in the baby product world, with amazing sippy cups and feeding products galore (and, hey, we couldn't function without our wipes warmer!). But the recent intro into clothing has been a game changer. 

mbaby has the most adorable, practical pieces that won't break the bank and are still trendy. I mean, a baby sweater dress?! Yes, please. It's high quality and fits true to size. And many pieces in the layette collection are super smart...snaps in all the right spots...an extra layer for warmth...no frills or extra fussing. I love it!

An innovative line for smart mamas who deserve something both practical and chic. Cue the applause. 

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