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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Our Favorite Sunscreens (for fair skin!)

the best kids' sunscreens for fair skin
I know, another beach story. You don't understand...I love that place more than words. 10 more months until we're back...wha?! I'll have to start planning it now to pump me up. It makes me excited to even think about it...crazy, right?

Not sure if you're aware, but with the exception of my super tan-skinned husband, the rest of our family has inherited the super fair-skinned gene. Insert silence. Yeah, it's no fun at all. I've been battling it my whole life (I hated wearing t-shirts at the beach as a child, but I realize now it was for my own good.). I hate that my kids also have to battle it, but I'm making them aware early on (like my parents did) that sun safety is of utter importance (no matter your skin tone, actually). 

I'm lucky enough to be able to sample different sunscreens each summer, and this year I came up with three strong favorites: MDSolarSciences; Supergoop!; Badger. They're all super amazing brands, so you'd be in good hands with any of their products. 

We've been using MDSolarSciences since last summer and I have to say, I know I'm hooked. The whole family uses it because it's not just a kids product line. The EWG rates all kinds of cosmetics (and if you don't visit the cosmeticsdatabase.com you should!) for safety and this brand passed with flying colors. It's all natural and mineral based but feels completely "normal." Sticks, lotions and sprays. The line-up has it all. The Quick Dry Body Spray ($19) is my absolute fav (so easy and it works!) and you can find it at Sephora. 
the best kids' sunscreens for fair skin

We've also been long-time fans of Supergoop!, so I was excited to find a couple of really great sprays from them. They are also non-aerosol cans, plus have Vitamin C to protect against free radicals. And there's less alcohol so your skin isn't parched. They're about $19, also at Sephora. 

With the recent article from the FDA about sunscreen sprays and their safety, it left me wondering. But the make-up of these, in particular, is pretty great that I still feel comfortable spraying. After all, what's in that nasty cream from the other brands? The smart way to use a spray is to pat it on places like the face. But really these are non-aerosol cans so they spray very gently, which I love. 

Last but definitely not least is the broad spectrum sunscreen by Badger (retail: $15.99...I think Whole Foods has it). This is a new brand for us and while using it at the beach, little C pointed to it and said, 'can we use that one again?' He found it to be a fav for its great coverage, but also because it wasn't incredibly thick and bulky like other "eco" brands. I will say it's thicker than "normal" brands, but it's a  wonderful consistency. This formula is one of the purest I've seen...certified natural and organic. In fact, when I start using sunscreen on baby L after next month, this is what I'll use. 

Now...go try these out pronto, mamas!

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