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Monday, August 4, 2014

bareMinerals Launches Shade Shop in Soho

How would you like to shop by skin tone? In moi opinion, this is genius! Yes, I would love to! My fav foundation brand bareMinerals (I wear nothing else) has opened a brand-new (as in last Friday) Shade Shop in Soho. Girls, you better bet your flawless skin I'll be visiting this store come September when I'm in town. After all, Soho is my shopping JAM. 

Everything is easily shoppable because it's organized by shade family (light, medium, tan, etc). What's more, there's a fun, rotating color bar. I'm already thinking I'll spend hours here. 

Inspired by the brand's northern Cali roots, the space is very open and airy, using natural materials like wood, concrete and brass. So fresh, so clean. The loft-level floor is for special events and such, but there's a really cool wall down low dedicated to portraits of both models and women who work for the company. They answer the question "what makes you feel beautiful?," inviting visitors to #bareyourself and share answers as well. Love this whole concept!

The shop, designed to test new concepts, will refresh seasonally (next is November). Exciting, yes? 

I can't wait to stock up on some fair-skinned goodies of my own. ;) Umm, and gonna need to add some Well Rested* in there while we're at it. Whew. 

*miracle product that makes moms look like they've slept 

[Photo via bareMinerals]

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