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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spring is here! Squeal.

Ok, this is the coolest launch as of late, y'all. Spring. It's officially here! No, the app, sillies. See, it's been pretty nuts around here lately (still not ready to share, but trust me when I say prayer is powerful.). I've had to be a million places at once (even more than normal), which means I've been on my mobile devices a TON. Which means, yup. I've been shopping this way, too. I mean, you know you're busy when you can't even make it to a brick and mortar, but alas...

Spring is this really cool fashion app where you can literally shop and buy from a community of incredible brands. Stressed out? Just go shopping on your phone. I know, I'm such a bad influence. But, hey. There are some great brands on this app (Rachel Zoe, anyone?). Alert: you can get in major trouble. We're talking that blue dress you can't imagine life without is yours with one swipe. (Oh, and beauty products, too.)

It's all too much, right? Download it here http://on.shopspring.com/3 and see...and lemme know what you buy on your lunch break. ;) 

[photo courtesy: spring]

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