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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: The Final 5

I can't believe I'm HERE. I lost another two pounds this week and now I only have five more pounds to my pre-baby weight. Squeal!!! I definitely feel like myself again, and can fit in pretty much everything I own now (oh wait, I need to run and try on my leather pants real quick...brb...). 

The exception? My tops! They fit all right, but I'm still (almost exclusively) nursing at more than six months later, so my chest is still much bigger than I'm used to (and honestly I hate it, but what can ya do?). Before I know it, I'll be back to little tees again, but for now I have to watch what I wear on top. It's quite amazing the difference in a girl's wardrobe based on this. Le sigh. 

But skinny jeans? Have no fear. I'm excited to wear them again just in time for fall. And I don't even care if wide-legs are "in." I've got about 45 pairs just waiting to be worn! 

If you've been reading this week, you know it's been a tough one for my family. I'm not ready to reveal any details, but just know I need your thoughts and prayers. This week, I've only taken one stroller ride (mostly due to the extreme heat), and I've missed all of my Pilates (both private and group) as well as Pure Barre. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, not just for weight loss but for sanity. But for now, family comes first. 

I've been able to maintain my weight loss on diet alone this week since I'm still on Weight Watchers (plus,!a little bit of appetite loss). Through the craziness, I've continued to log my points in my phone app and that's made all the difference. I just can't give up when I have a mere five pounds to go!!

I leave for New York in just a couple of weeks for fashion week and that was mybaby bounceback goal. It's going to be close, y'all! I don't think I'll be able to lose five pounds in two weeks, but maybe four?! And, hey, I'll take that. 

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate, dear, you are calling my sweet lil' name. After the Charlotte Ronson show, of course. ;) 

P.S. Next week, I promise major photos as I near the finish line! 

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