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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: The Home Stretch

You read that title right, folks. I'm in the HOME STRETCH. I did it! This past week I lost another two pounds, so now I'm officially "under 10 pounds to go." Can I get a squeal or two, please? I know you're thinking how many cupcakes did she eat? (a lot) But, I've lost almost 50 pounds since I gave birth to baby L. in February (I gained about 57) and I mostly owe it to Weight Watchers (for nursing moms) and Pure Barre. 

The past month I've really loved my private Pilates training (but sheesh, that gets expensive!), and I'll forever be obsessed with Pilates mat class. But I've also really broken into cardio by getting up at 6:30 with baby L. almost every morning these days and walking/jogging the neighborhood. I used to never love mornings (and I still groan to get out of bed...but, hey, when you don't sleep it doesn't ever really matter much! she still wakes me every three hours to nurse, even from her crib.). These days it's my "quiet time" of reflection and I've found it actually relaxing to get this time in with baby L. My neighborhood has a few good hills, so it's great exercise pushing the stroller...whew! This is really my only time of peace and quiet ALL day while little C. is at home this summer. Oh, and I learned a trick. I've started sleeping in my workout clothes so that I'm ready to go in the mornings. Call me crazy, but this. is. amazing. (That and my coffee.)

If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with Lilla P lately. (Cut to last week.) They sent me some pretty gorgeous pieces this summer (including this Pima/Modal Stretch Cross Front Dress, $140) to work into my new mom wardrobe, and this dress is just the ticket. It gets downright HOT down south, so jeans just won't cut it (and who can stand taking care of babies in skinny jeans anyway?). Instead of shorts 24/7 (I'm just not that casual of a gal, honestly), I'm loving dresses like this because of (a) the color and (b) the comfort factor. A knit dress like this is just as comfy as anything! 

And the shoes? Well, you guessed it. Wedges are my friend these days (but you better bet I'll be packing some "real" heels for fashion week come September!). I've always adored my Sperry Topsider boat shoes for summertime lounging, but did you know they have super-cute wedges? These (the Saylor...$98) they sent me are so easy to be a mom in and still feel cute. Ya know? ;)

Check back here next week for a special shoe promotion I'm working on with my favorite local outdoor mall in town, The Promenade at Chenal. You won't wanna miss it! (And hopefully I'll be able to say only seven pounds to go?)

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