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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby I Can See Your HALO

Sleep. Who needs it, right? Ummm, this girl does. As in moi. I just can't go without sleep or I'm nuts. Seriously. It's so bad I've had to have D. help me "sleep train" because I can't get though the night without collapsing. I blame it on breastfeeding. I mean, it does drain us mamas. 

So a few weeks back when baby L turned five months old, we decided it was sorta past time to stop swaddling her. She wasn't able to stay in her newborn Halo swaddle we'd used since day one (aww), so we bought a size up. And that worked amazing for awhile, but she was still fighting it and unhappy, so we started unswaddling her in the swing to see what happened and she sorted loved it much better at this point. 

It's always so hard to give up swaddling because it's an amazing sleep tool. In fact, we swaddled little C until he was nearly seven months old. Eek. He loved the coziness. 

Once we were done with the swaddles, we moved on to the Halo SleepSack, just as we did with little C. They now make a 100-percent Cotton Muslin version that's perfect for the hot summertime (they have swaddles, too). And really who can resist the pink elephants? She did amazing transitioning to this sleep sack, and I feel good knowing she's not too hot in it. (I'll update you next week on our new crib training, perhaps, but for now know that she's slept really well in this in her bassinet at night and in her crib for her infamous 30-minute naps.) 

In other news...Halo also has a new bassinet for newborns, the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper ($249.99). It's new this summer, and man I wish we would've had this! From the press release: "With its unique dual-swivel design, the Bassinest is the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to mom. It allows baby to sleep as close as mom wants - even right next to her in bed. Yet baby sleeps safely in his own separate sleep area, thereby reducing the risks that are associated with bed-sharing." So great for us nursing moms! 

You can buy Halo at babiesrus.com, Amazon.com or buybuybaby.com. 

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