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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Headband Obsessed

Know what I'm complete obsessed with lately? These super-soft baby headbands from Vintage Lime. Heart. Them. 

As with most things lately, I spotted this Etsy shop on Instagram. Love it when I find things like this that are so original and just lovely! I'll never put her in those stretchy horrible headbands I bought her at birth again. These fabric ones are the way to go because they don't even leave a mark on her little head. And the patterns are endlessly adorable! This Aztec style here is a fav of mine because it looks like nothing else she has...or anyone else has! Hello, fashion plate in training. ;) 

Go visit Vintage Lime for yours now!! They're only $6 a pop, y'all. 


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  1. She is a doll! Wish these came in "big girl" sizes-I'd like one:)


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