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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: More From the Food Files

I mentioned last week, we've finally started solids with baby L...squeal!! I'm so excited for her to try new foods...and so is she. With little C, we used a lot of Plum Organics and it worked really well. So I figure, if it's not broke, don't fix it! We're doing the same with baby L and even made sweet potatoes her very first veggie just as we did with little C. ;) 

This girl loooooves to eat and she loved the sweet potatoes. We tried them for three days and then moved on to carrots and guess what? She loved those, too! Tomorrow we will start either peas or squash. It's just so much fun watching her taste new things. 

And we use one of those tiny detachable spoons that just fits right onto the tip of the pouch, so it's super easy! (Especially if we're out...which I don't bother with just yet. She's only getting some once a day right now.) 

All of the Plum pouches can easily be found at Target (and there are tons!) and I love how they're organic and so good and yummy at the same time for baby. We now have a pouch shelf in our pantry just for baby L. Notice in the photo, too, how she likes to help me? ;) Such a mess, but I love it! She's not in her high chair just yet, so once she is that will make it much easier. She's a take charge kinda eater. Love her. 

P.S. Make sure you always read the expiration date on your pouches. I noticed upon opening the carrots that they had expired three months ago, eek!! Luckily I had only given her one bite and then I saw the date. Not a good thing for when your baby is first trying food! Target, take note. 

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