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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Starting Solids with happybaby

Finally. baby L started solids this week! I thought it would never happen with all that's been going on in my family's life (more on that later). Honestly, she just turned six months anyway, so before now  I wasn't even ready. I hate rushing things when it comes to baby's next steps. There's no need!

But now that she's started, I'm so happy because she was certainly ready to eat like the rest of us. I've almost lost my meal several times. :) As her first food, we've started her on happybellies brown rice cereal...just like I did with little C! And boy I now believe it really is the #1 bestselling cereal because I searched three stores to find it (Whole Foods...woot!)! Once I did, I bought several cans...plus oatmeal for later. 

How does she like it? Oh, she loves! See, the W household is a house full of eaters and I think baby L will be juuuuust fine eating just like her big brother. No complaints! That makes me happy because I know mamas to picky eaters have so much dinnertime stress! So far, so good here. I think tomorrow I'll start her on the happybaby veggie pouches, and then maybe fruit pouches after that. I can't wait to try the puffs and other things like munchies down the road (right now she has no teeth!). 

All of the happybaby products are organic and so nutritional, which, of course, I love. It's soooo important to start babies off with the right food habits! The reason why zucchini is little C's fav food today. ;) 

And don't worry about not "making your own food." Seriously. I've seen so much back and forth between moms on this. Just because you buy your baby food doesn't mean you're a terrible mom. These organic pouches are the freshest you'll get, trust me. And they are so freaking convenient. Once you start using them, you'll be hooked. And baby will be, too. ;)  

***Enter below to win your own set of happybaby food AND the spoons just below!!

P.S. The best spoons in the world? b.box. Omg. She will take these from my hand, y'all! And they're super flexible (they're silicone) so she'll just chew on them forever because they're so soft (and long, which is great!). Love, love and love. Thank you b.box!!

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