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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Accessory to Own: Olivia Palermo's Chic Sunnies

These are the sunnies Olivia Palermo wore to the Chloe and Viktor & Rolf spring fashion shows in Paris this weekend. They're the Wintermute (with mirrored lenses, duh) by Westward Leaning ($180) and they're just perf, just like OP herself. 

The classic wayfarer style has always been one of my personal favs; it's beyond comfy and it works with every outfit from now until the end of eternity. I mean, who doesn't want a pair of sunnies you can practically be BFFs with? (You don't have to worry about gaining or losing weight, either, which is why I *always* invest in a fav pair.) 

Olivia wore these with a black and white windowpane plaid dress and then with an all-black ensemble that included killer over-the-knee black boots. The WL sunnies were the icing on the cake to her amazing looks all weekend long. 

Of course, the only thing I forgot when I was in NY earlier this month visiting fashion show myself (oh, the glam life) was my sunnies (who does that, right?) and I never got around to getting a new pair. Because I need another pair. I really do. The mirrored lenses are so beautifully subtle and they just look so sturdy and take charge. I like that in my sunglasses, thanks. (And psst... I kinda wanna be just like Olivia. Girl does know her stuff. WWOW...What Would Olivia Wear...)

[Photo courtesy Westward Leaning]

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