Trimdown Thursday: Casual Mix ~ I Heart Heels

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Casual Mix

Let's get this straight, I just don't feel comfortable reintroducing my "how I wore my heels" column for at least a few more months. Why? I'm a mom to a 7-month-old (and an almost 5-year-old), so obviously I'm not running around in my stilettos at the moment. And I say at the moment because I will be back in them before you know it, but it's not my lifestyle right now and I don't wanna be fake about it. (Fake is a huge pet peeve of mine, chicks.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not "sacrificing style" for the sake of being a new mom (eye roll)...you won't see me wearing Converse day in and out (although I do love my Chucks some days)...a great wedge is my BFF, for sure. But, I'm also mixing in sneaker wedges...ballet flats...slip-ons...and these amazing new Chooka rainboots. Ah, yes, it's fall! I'm excited to once again wear tall boots (pumpkin patch season...squeal!), and that includes these. 

I bought this sweatshirt dress while in New York a few weeks ago, and heavens if Zara wasn't two blocks from our hotel. If you notice everything on instagram is tagged with Zara, that's my fault. Blush. I went a tad bit nutso. This dress is pretty sweeeeeet. It's so comfy, and it's actually one of those items that caught my eye as I was just about to leave the store. I wear it with every, single kind of shoe there is, no joke, and I'm thrilled these rainboots coordinate so well. They're the Top Solid style from Chooka and I love them because they have an adjustable strap for those of us with larger calves (although I have to say, I didn't even have to adjust them...must be all that Pure Barre!). 

Speaking of barre, I'm planning on getting back to it this weekend when they host a free class along with free Benefit makeup (ummm, sign me up?!). Funny I'm also hosting a Benefit Beauty Bash involving my closest friends (aka wing women) and lotsa mascara, so watch for photos on instagram. 

As far as my diet goes, my birthday was this week, so I've been eating out wayyyy too much and I must get rid of this ice cream cake in my freezer. I'm not gonna lie, I haven't lost these last five pounds yet, but after reintroducing exercise a little bit this week, I'm gonna find some good juices at Whole Foods and kick this thing back into gear. Maybe next week will be the big final reveal? ;) 

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