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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Getting Back in the Groove

I'm kinda ashamed of this Trimdown Thursday. By this week, I should've been proclaiming I'm down to my pre-baby weight again! But, alas. I knew before I left for New York that I only had two more pounds to go and that wasn't bad at all. I also knew I would be indulging on my trip and that just like my beach vacay, it would set me back another week or so. But for some reason I'm still disappointed. I now have four pounds to go again, and I've signed up for one more month of Weight Watchers. Although since I've been back from New York, I haven't wanted to track my points...soooooo bad (I got into the habit of not doing it while there, so...). 

I also haven't been able to exercise but a couple of stroller rides here and there, because of my mom's recent illness/recovery (did you read yesterday's post?). I'm hoping I can make it to a barre class this weekend...I've already bought the class to try to motivate myself! The baby has been sleeping better than ever so why am I still dragging?! I must stop making excuses. I've made it this far - I can't quit at just four pounds left, right? I know the scale is just a number, and my clothes certainly fit, but if I allow five extra pounds, soon I'll allow 10 and so on. I've gotta quickly change my eating habits back from vacay mode to serious mode, and kick in some more cardio. Now that the weather outside is cooler, I'm really hoping I can jog with baby more and more. It also just makes me feel better! 

Tell me. How do you stay motivated, and what are your tricks for getting serious after returning from vacation?

P.S. I'm loving this new (wrinkle free!) white pullover that I can slip on over my workout gear. It's from trendy activewear line Heather Grey and it pairs so well with the rest of my classic black workout wardrobe. (Leggings are Spanx...backpack is the DOMINO by Ash.)

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