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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: New York Fashion Week Edition

As you know by now, I've been at NY Fashion Week! Normally I'd say it never gets old, but with a double ear infection the first day got a littttttle old (hey, I give it to you straight). I was in such pain until the next day, really, and then when I finally started to feel better? It was time to hop on a plane again and then my ears lost it again. And worse. I'm now on the mend after a handy-dandy steroid shot, so no worries. Let's discuss the Trimdown, shall we?

Unfortunately, it's not the last week. I told you I'd imbibe champagne and Serendipity frozen hot chocolates, right? I went. I saw. I conquered, y'all. While I didn't eat the entire Salted Caramel confection (my. fav.), I ate most (too much sugar makes my body nuts.), and loved every minute of it. Ironically I stopped in Dylan's Candy Bar on the way back to the hotel (but that was for little C. Wink.). Needless to say, I hopped on the scale the morning after I returned and gasped instead of squealed. I gained FOUR lbs in one weekend? I mean, I walked in heels all. day. long. Le sigh. 

The next morning I weighed even less, and now I'm back to my 2-more-pounds-to-go-you-can-do-it-mantra. I'm calling next week my final Trimdown Thursday...BOOM. (Hate it when people say that, actually). So, I went shopping the weeks before fashion week, because that's what I do (D complains it costs us a fortune before I even arrive.) and because I've been incredibly stressed. I bought leather shorts. It felt so good, and I plan to wear these BLANKNYC shorts with tights into the fall/winter. 

While I was in NY, I shopped daily at Zara. No joke...it was two blocks away from The Empire Hotel, where I stayed (more on that later.). I have sooo many pieces I can't wait to show you, including this gorgeous coral top. (Pretty sure everything else I bought is black and black.) 

Oh, and did you catch my new DOMINO backpack from Ash? You're gonna need one this fall. Lifesaver for fashion week (except for that time I forgot to zip it and a random lady told me on the street. Freakout moment. Always check this, folks.). 

All this to say...I'm still not back to exercising (other than vigorously strutting the streets in wedges) and I'm tired of frozen Weight Watchers meals. I'm watching what I eat this week and will jog over the weekend (or make a Pure Barre class), hopefully. And hopefully I'll be able to record my pre-baby weight in my WW app very soon. Squeal. 

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